Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Nailtini in Millionare

First of all, this is my first posting, so welcome! The fact that you have decided to visit my little piece of the internet is extremely flattering. In case you were not aware, this blog is dedicated to reviews, comments, tutorials, etc. of the hair, makeup, and nail variety. As stated in the title, this will be a review of the nailpolish from Nailtini. So, to quit wasting all of your time, let's get started, shall we?

Yes, this is my hand. Stubby fingers!
This is Nailtini's Millionare nailpolish. I was super excited to get this in my glambag this month because I am a sucker for all things nailpolish. The fact that it was described as pink and gold together made me squeal with delight. I waited patiently for that little pink envelope, and as soon as it came in the mail, I tossed the babies to my husband and ran off into my room to try it out.

First off, let me say that the picture does not do it justice. The sparkle factor of this polish is amazing. Though it is incredibly hard to see the pink with the gold unless you are outside in the sunlight, and what you don't see is that not only are pink and gold in the polish, but it has little green glitter strips in it, too. So A+ on that, Nailtini! Gorgeous work!

There are usually four tests I do with nailpolish that decides if I will ever use it again.

  • How easy is it to apply?
It was very easy to apply. The brush itself is long and smooth. No jagged-ness or cheap feel at all. The glitter did not flake off the brush and I could get a good coat with one fell swoop.

  • How long does it takes to dry?
On the dry time, it took a little longer than I like. About 20 minutes of not touching anything for complete dryness for two coats and a top coat. Still, not too bad considering I have waited a lot longer.

  • How many coats I need to get the coverage I want?
 I know I have a winner of a polish if it takes less than three coats to get all-over glitter coverage. It only took two. A third would have made it terribly thick and flaky.

  • Is it "baby safe"?
By "baby safe", I mean how long does it last before the daily grind of motherhood strips it off into that ugly, half-gone look that so many are familiar with. Well, after two day of wear, three showers (Don't ask. If you're a mom, you'll understand without needing the gruesome details, and if you are not a mom, I don't want to scar you.), two loads of dishes, shopping, and chasing around a toddler and an infant....

It stayed on. No joke, this stuff has not chipped, worn, or lost that gorgeous sparkle that I started with. I think I'm in love.

In conclusion, this stuff is amazing. 'Nuff said.

Grade: A+
Mom Approved: Yes!

So I mentioned I got my polish from a glambag. For those of you who do not know what that it, for a monthly subscription fee of $10, will send you a goody bag full of makeup samples to try. It's wonderful, and I am absolutely in love with it. (No, ipsy did not pay me to say this.)

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