Friday, November 16, 2012

Heatless Headband Curls!

I'm sure most of you have run across the heatless headband curls on youtube at one time or another. I know some of the time, the tutorials and hair styles don't work in the real world OR they take about teen hours more than I'm willing to spend on my hair. I'm hairstyle unsavvy unfortunately. Ponytails are about as fancy as I get most days. I don't have crazy fancy equipment or hair products to keep my hair fabulous everyday. I'm a mom, and I have about ten minutes of time to myself a day. Makeup and hair included, and I NEED my makeup most days. Staying up all night with an infant leads to baggy eyes and poor skin.

Anyway, I came across this insanely simple tutorial by TheBasicsonBeauty:

And I had everything I needed to try it! (Another amazing feat for me). It took me less than five minutes to twirl my hair around the headband, and then I let it sit overnight. Once I woke up, I pulled the band off my head and BAM! Instant beautiful curls. It was like magic. I've never had a hairstyle turn out so well on the first try. You don't have to believe me. I have photographic evidence to prove my point!

AHH! No makeup me. Shield your eyes!
Forgive the lack of makeup. This is me before doing anything to my hair or face. So this is what my hair looks like without any effort. Terrible mess.

This is my hair up in the headband. I think it's actually a cute look on its own. With a better headband than the $1 cheapy, I could probably rock it.

This is a really horrible picture, but hopefully you can see the cute curls without too much trouble. I love it. It's a really easy way to get spiral and giant curls. The only thing that changes is how big of a piece of hair you wrap around the headband.  5 minute prep time, and you sleep on it. Can't really beat that.

Very mommy friendly.

Grade: A+!
Mommy friendly? Definitlely so!

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