Friday, November 30, 2012

NoTD and JustFab Review!

So since I missed Monday Mani, I decided I would post my nail of the day instead!

The nails you see before you are brought to you by OPI in 'I think in Pink' and 'You Glitter Be Good To Me". I love the glitter polish so much. It has a fine silvery pink glitter mixed with larger pieces of hot pink. It takes about two good coats for a complete coverage. As far at the 'I think in Pink', I used it as an undercoat just in case I couldn't get a good coverage with the glitter. I don't like it very well. It has a chalky pink look to it on the nail, and it doesn't spread evenly no matter how hard I try.

It's too bad I suck at taking pictures because they came out pretty good. They definitely put me in a festive mood.

NOW! Onto the JustFab bag, shall we?

When JustFab had their Thanksgiving sale, my husband was such a sweetie and bought me a bag that I had been eyeing for a while. (Lacey Days is the name of it. With two little ones now, it honestly kills me to spend $40 on a bag. Diapers and formula tend to come first, ya know?) But at the steal of $20, hubby couldn't pass that up. Also, for the record, he bought it even though he insists I have enough purses. Seriously. Cheap, expensive, bright, clunky, or huge... I have at least one of each.

I don't know about you ladies, but there is nothing better to perk up my day than a brand new gorgeous purse/tote/suitcase/bodybag to carry all of your stuff in. (Note: I am just being sarcastic here. It's not like my mom used to have purses so heavy, I thought she was smuggling bodies....really...I also blame her for my purse obsession.) It took almost a week for the bag to get to me, and believe me, I'm terribly impatient when waiting for something to come in the mail. The box was huge! Far bigger than necessary for the tote. I would have taken a picture of it, but I was way to excited and ripped it open pretty quick.

It is gorgeous. As you can see above, it has this delicate lace pattern on it,  but if you look closely, the butterfly heads are skulls, hehehe. The bow on the front has a little skull charm hanging from itIt is extremely roomy, and I have room for everything I need and then some. The interior of the bag is almost as cute as the outside.

(Sorry about the zigzag pattern of the pictures. I didn't just want them hanging in open space.)

I think I am hooked. I may not be able to get something every month, but JustFab has my vote. The purse is well made --  the actual tote part is made up of a material similar, if not actually, denim -- the straps are probably a faux leather, and the interior is just too cute to pass up. I'm an oddball. I actually like my purses decorated on the inside and outside.

I definitely give JustFab an A+ for fabulous choices, and usually they have some kind of sale going on. For $20, I would totally get another purse, but it's really fabulous quality for the normal price of $39.95, too.

Definitely check them out!

Grade: A+
Mom friendly? Price wise, definitely!

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